postheadericon Leda Garside – Distinguished Nurse of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that ¡Salud! Services Manager, Leda Garside, RN, MBA, was honored as the 2012 Distinguished Nurse of the Year at the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year awards ceremony on November 2, 2012!

This award honors a RN in a hospital setting who demonstrates the highest standard of care. We could not be more proud of Leda and the incredible work she does!

postheadericon KGW ¡Salud! Feature

A huge thank you to the KGW news team for their incredibly thoughtful feature on ¡Salud!. If you missed the piece during their live broadcast, you can catch the video below!

postheadericon Leda’s Wellness Clinic Reflection – August 10, 2012

Collaborative Action… and how the little things count the most.

Several events have occurred in the last few weeks which have given me pause to reflect on the many things that are important in life: good health, family support, work security, food and shelter.  These are basic things we want for ourselves and our families.  Another item that must be included on this list is access to basic health care services in order to increase the odds of good health.  This important, basic need was pivotal in the life of one of the program’s clients who experienced a sudden, very serious health issue. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka & ¡Salud! Wellness Clinic

The ¡Salud! Services team was joined by wine blogger Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka at a recent wellness clinic.  She had an opportunity to meet with some of the workers and the ¡Salud! staff, and is detailing her experience in a three-part series on her blog.  Please click the links below to read her beautiful words:

Working La Uva 1: A Life in Wine, Meeting Fulgencio

Working La Uva 2: Majoring in Community Health, Talking to Estella

Working La Uva 3: Leda Garside and ¡Salud!

postheadericon Christina’s Wellness Clinic Reflection – June 26, 2012

Perseverance… A Key to Open Some Locked Doors.

As Wellness Clinics for 2012 get into full swing, I find myself reflecting on our mission, the work we do, and the relationships we have been privileged to form with the vineyard farmworker community in Oregon.  Even after almost two years working with this population, I am continually impressed by their resiliency, warmth, and humor in the face of the barriers they encounter with access to healthcare and basic resources.  We experience through their eyes what life in the United States is like when you have a limited income, and when you face the challenges of living in a different culture and learning a new language. Read the rest of this entry »