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Tasting Fee Contribution Program

Winderlea contributes 100% of their tasting fees to the ¡Salud! program. Click here to see all of our current supporters.

The ¡Salud! Tasting Fee Contribution Program allows wineries to join our mission by contributing all or a portion of their tasting room fees directly to ¡Salud!.  This contribution is flexible according to donor giving abilities and is 100% tax deductible.  Contributors can choose to donate year round, for one month/week/day, for special events (e.g. wine club member events), or during event weekends (Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc.).

How to Contribute

The suggested donation is 100% of tasting fees with consideration to not waive the fee for bottle purchases.  Donors may also choose to contribute in the following ways:

Always 100% of tasting room fees donated to ¡Salud!

Periodically100% or another percentage of tasting room fees for a day/week/weekend/month donated to ¡Salud!:

  • For a special day (e.g. Memorial Day or wine club member event)
  • For an event weekend (e.g. Thanksgiving Weekend)
  • For a week
  • For a month

Donations may be provided in the following ways:

  • Make a pledge for a donation amount based on the previous year’s tasting fee income
  • Make a donation after tasting fee income is received and once actual amounts are known

Click here for Donor levels and benefits.